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2022-2023 marks the inaugural year of the the Crip* x Bodies of Work Residency Exchange, funded by the Cripping the Arts presidential initiative at University of Illinois-Chicago and University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. This residency is currently by invitation only.

In 2022-2023, three fellows from Chicago and two from Urbana- Champaign will be participating in this year-long virtual residency exchange focused on "cripping" spaces and highlighting issues of accessibility through the creation of place-based crip narratives. The residency will also center on the creation of archival works depicting disability art and culture, as well as interacting with existing archival materials.

Cripping the Arts Bodies of Work Residency Exchange Heading link

Stephanie Alma headshotTommy Carroll headshotJustin is a black man smiling and wearing round glasses and a maroon shirt. There is a brick wall, a tree, and a window behind himNic, a Black person with round half-rimmed glasses, smiles at the camera. Nic wears a black turtleneck and is facing directly forward, framed against a light colored wall.Alana is seated on a couch covered in pillows in front of an open window with light coming through. She wears rectangular glasses, an olive green t-shirt and her brown curly hair reaches her shoulders.
Stephanie Alma
Tommy CarrollJustin CooperNic WyattAlana Ackerman