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Introducing Fall 3Arts/Bodies of Work Fellow Stephanie Alma

Stephanie Alma

Meet one of our fall 2022 3Arts/Bodies of Work Resident Fellows, Stephanie Alma (she/her). Born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago, Stephanie identifies as a Mexican American disabled woman and is a self-taught singer, songwriter, and composer. She is interested in the sounds of disability identity and self-awareness through formal and informal vocal expression. Her vocal melodies reflect her deep connection to Mexican music, house music, Cumbia, and improvised music.

Stephanie’s work interprets cycles of grief and healing, life and death, emotions and emptiness through sound, and feelings of empowerment and rejuvenation surround her lyric writing.  During her residency, Stephanie hopes to explore what disability sounds like while working collaboratively with other disabled artists to develop new occupations within disability culture. Ultimately, she aims to figure out what living a disabled life sounds like/could sound like by sonically portraying our struggle, our solutions, accomplishments, beliefs, and our role in society.